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About Graham Packaging

Let's create something incredible together!

Graham Packaging is a global leader in plastic and blow molded packaging solutions, offering innovative and sustainable customized products. Our key operations are in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia. We are a trusted partner for large multinational brands as well as a valuable and accessible resource for small, forward-looking start-ups. We can even provide on-site manufacturing capabilities that are second to none. Our primary goal is to work closely with our clients to generate viable and useful solutions for them, whether they require a totally new, revolutionary concept or just need to restock.

By managing interconnected teams of designers, customers, and manufacturing partners, we're reshaping the future of sustainable plastic packaging because we genuinely care about people and our planet. More and more, we produce sustainable products using recycled materials, with the objective of considerably reducing our environmental footprint. GPC International is headquartered in Paris and is the business unit responsible for managing operations in Europe, South America, and Asia and is fully linked to the Graham Packaging Company.


What we believe

We are committed to keeping people safe: As a guiding principle, safety is inextricably woven into the fabric of our day-to-day operations and way of working. We make sure not only to meet all applicable regulations, but also to surpass them with our own internal policies. We want to have a positive impact: we create value for our customers thanks to customized innovative and sustainable solutions. We take responsibility for our effect on the world around us, whether environmental, social, or economical.


We foster personal empowerment: Our people are our greatest resource. Team members are encouraged to learn continuously, develop professionally, and work autonomously to achieve the best results possible. Expanding each person's scope of responsibility is crucial for us and our company culture.


We firmly believe in diversity: Our normal way of working involves collaborating with people from different cultures and countries, of different genders, and of varied mindsets. A diverse team opens up new horizons, new ideas, and new opportunities!


We strive to remain agile: We respond to a variety of stimuli quickly and efficiently, including client requests and needs, market shifts, and rapidly evolving trends. Our long-term expertise in the industry is the basis for rapid and decisive action.